Clinical Trials/Testimonials

“Veterinary economics buisness survey placed Laser therapy as the No.1 service that vets will be adding to their practices. “

“Wounds on horses increase risk of infection! The AEL IR 4400 will heal and close the wound.”

 “In medical journals prove that cold lasers can heal hard and soft tissue as well as providing pain relief, reducing inflammation 

“Some feedback received following the recovery of Sufficient, the racehorse owned by the Wallace Group, also in New Zealand. Sufficient was treated for ligament injury in the front right leg, and with Laser Therapy treatment also suggested by Paula Stone, the horse was shown via scans to have made an incredible recovery. “

Global Recognition…

An acclaimed thoroughbred broodmare farm in Australia is also finding our Laser a successful venture incorporating laser therapy into existing injuries both significant and minor in category, positive results have been noted in the healing response of hematomas, swelling and splints.

Incorporating this groundbreaking technology into the treatment of animals includes the care administered by a top Australian Equine Therapist who has claimed our laser to be “a beneficial tool to use on a professional level. To date I have received positive comments when using the laser in conjunction with deep muscle therapy”.



The laser in the study has 30mW. Australian Equine Lasers have 450mW! That’s 15 times more powerful!!!

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