Australian Equine Lasers

Horse Therapy for Equine Owners, Vets and Trainers

The AEL IR 4400 is safe, easy to use, is non-invasive, pain and drug free.

Welcome to Australian Equine Lasers in partnership with Laserex Technologies providing leading edge quality equine lasers to keep your horse happy sound and pain free. After 2 years of extensive research and development the team have produced the most advanced laser for our equine industry. We are an Australian company based in Melbourne.

Our mission was the wellness of horses and to produce a laser that supersedes any other product in today’s market. The AEL IR 4400 has 3x904nm diodes producing 450mW of output power and 1x635nm visible red aiming beam that work in synergy. The AEL IR 4400 is a class 3B laser and cannot burn unlike class 4 lasers that can if used incorrectly. The 904nm wavelength is well known in research literature for its deep penetrating properties. Laserex, the manufacturer is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company. It has been in buisness for 30years producing quality laser diode products. The AEL IR 4400 IS designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia and passes through a rigorous quality inspection procedure.

Treatable injuries include Shin soreness, suspensory ligaments, torn muscles, laminitis, fetlock injuries, fractures, arthritis, muscle and skeletal injuries, back pain, swollen limbs, tears, scars, tendons, ligaments, inflammation, hematomas, cuts, bruises, wounds just too name a few.

The AEL IR 4400 was designed solely for the equine athlete unlike other lasers that are being used on humans or greyhounds.  The AEL IR 4400 will also cut money off your bills saving you money. Every equine enthusiast should invest in the AEL IR 4400 for their stable . The AEL IR 4400 is a powerful, pain and drug free, safe and easy to use, cost effective, non-invasive laser.

Treating your equine patient means faster recovery and less time out in the paddock!!

We have on board the AEL team Jack Ogilvie and Tracey Mizzi who sure know what the winners circle is all about.

Jack Ogilvie is an expert in the field of laser therapy. He’s known for his bestselling laser in the Greyhound industry today and throughout the world. He’s also had extensive experience working in the thoroughbred industry and was part of group winners with trainer Ian Harrison who trained winners KELTRICE, HULA WARRIOR AND JET FIGHTER. Jack also worked in thoroughbred syndication with Eales Racing Syndications, home to 2009 Melbourne Cup winner ‘SHOCKING’.

Tracey Mizzi is well recognized in the Racing industry who’s gained an extensive racing network over the past 25years working for the VRC, RVL, Saddles@hq and 4.5years as Sales/Client Liaison Manager with Eales Racing Syndications, home to 2009 Melbourne Cup winner ‘SHOCKING’. She also attended many race meetings around the state enjoying the winners circle with lots of wins and gaining friendships with many industry key players, owners and trainers.

The thrill of racehorse ownership is an amazing experience so don’t wait till your horse is injured, be prepared and order your laser AEL IR 4400 today at the special pre-release price.